Recently I saw this cool gadget - Lens Reversing Ring. It allows to install standard lens in reverse and by doing that get much higher magnification factor. Out of curiocity I bought one for testing.


Lens Reversing Ring and Lens mounted in reverse

Photos presented below were done with standard KIT lens 18-55mm with lovest and highest focal lengths; on the left - with standard mounted lens, on the right side - with lens mounted through Lens Reversing Ring. Have you had an opportunity to test it yourselves? What do you think about the results?

Personally I think it is not as good as dedicated macro lens but as you can see it is a cheap alternative for those who can't afford such lens :)


Standard lens mounting - focal length 22mm (left) and 55mm (right)

Lens mounted in reverse - focal length 55mm (left) and 18mm (right)