Poking among urban nooks and crannies I came across an amazing house. Just a few years ago it was buzzing, but at some point ceased to be used and how it turned out even supervised... During winter radiators bursted and for a few days (before anyone noticed) the water has taken over the greater part of the building. Then water was cut off, a part of which flowed out from the evacuated and allowed the rest to  "dry out". But how it could dry out with no heating? Over time, moisture and cold transformed this nice object into the image of misery and despair. Warped floors, paint flaking from the walls - this could be seen everywhere, but there are places at which even this sight looks idyllic... In some of the most moisted parts, Mother Nature was clearly and slowly taking over the reign and in these parts appeared various species of "vegetation" (probably some of them were new, previously unknown species). Generally speaking, this scenery fits perfectly as a background for a horror movie... anyway take a look for yourself...

this "something" used to be a photo of a cat :)

the alarm system is still operational ;-)

the main culprits - you can see water splashes on the walls