On Saturday, July 27th Polish Association of Skimboarding and MOSiR in Gdańsk organized the Polish Skimboarding Championships - „DaKine Polish Skimboarding Open 2013”.

Players showed the highest level of their skills and put on the highest worldclass show. The day of the competition temperature exceeded 25 centigrades and the sky was free of any clouds. Spectators gathered on the beach in Gdansk Jelitkowo watched with great joy the struggles and hot cheered all competitors. Over 100 skimboarders competed this year, including more than a dozen from foreign countries such as the USA, the Netherlands, Austria and Germany, Latvia.

Polish Skimboarding Open is known by, among others things, that the obstacles on which riders operate are built specifically for this event only and always remain a big surprise, since neither player has been given the opportunity of testing or training on them. This year, the designers opted for very technical, narrow boxes that require PSO participants to have good control of the board and the appropriate balance of the body.

That day there were also junior groups competitions and the best turned out to be...
up to 12 years: Filip Ciepiela, Jan Wyszyński, Dorian Janusiewicz
and up to 16 years: Grzegorz Osiecki, Jędrzej Tomaszewski and Kuba Pawłowski.

The most awaited moment was, of course, the finals with the top 10 players of the day. The Dutchman - Ardien Raza, last year's 3rd place winner - won the revolutionary struggle. Behind him was Logan Davidson of the United States and the third position went to Blake Zimmerman of the United States. 

(source: www.kapieliskagdansk.pl)