Christmas is in only a few days and certainly you're all busy with the Christmas preparations. However, if anyone would like to take a break, I invite you to glue a cardboard model. For this occasion I have prepared for you a christmas tree with presents.

Finished Christmas tree model has a height of 24cm and the base is 12cm accross.

If you decide to glue it, let me know how it goes :) and as I didn't prepared a assembly manual, feel free to share any problems with it. I'll be happy to help :-))

Sheet's content:

  • sheet (1): top and middle part of the tree, 3 stars, 4 chains, 1 present, bottom cover of the base.
  • sheet (2): bottom part of the tree, bottom covers of the middle and bottom part of the tree, tree trunk cover, 3 presents
  • sheet (3): 8 parts for the base, tree trunk
  • sheet (4): top and bottom part of the base, bottom cover of the top tree part, star for the top (5 parts)
  • sheet (5): 8 presents, another version of star on the top



download all pages for printing (in pdf format)